Women’s Health and Wellness

The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness can provide you with a wide range of care, from basic gynecologic exams to comprehensive health care including pregnancy, high risk pregnancy, and gynecological surgeries.

Among the services we offer: Routine prenatal care, High risk prenatal care, 24 hour on-call female obstetrician, Gynecologic surgery, Family planning, In office sterilization, Hysteroscopy, Essure® permanent sterilization, Laparoscopic surgery, Endometrial ablation, Colposcopy, LEEP, Screening for breast and gynecologic cancer, Reproductive and infertility counseling, Ultrasound, Fetal monitoring, Gardasil vaccinations, Menopause and Hormone replacement therapy.

Complete Gynecologic Care


The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness offers evaluation and treatment of all your female health needs from adolescence through the menopausal years. Preventive care and the management of common gynecologic problems are the foundation of our practice.

Pregnancy Care

The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness, LLC offers prenatal and postnatal care that nurtures the well-being of both you and your child. We offer comprehensive obstetrical care from preconceptual counseling through the postpartum period. In addition to low risk pregnancies, we also have extensive experience and interest in high risk pregnancies.

Family Planning

There are many choices for family planning contraception. We can help you in choosing the proper form of contraception that best suits your needs. Options include Mirena, Depo-Provera, Paraguard, Nexplanon, and birth control pills.

Well Woman Visit

The well-woman visit is a key part of preventive care. This is an evaluation of your general health, including examination of your breasts and pelvic reproductive organs. The exam is an opportunity for the doctor to catch an emerging health problem in the early stages, to detect risks to your health, and to provide you with useful information on lifestyle changes that can lower your risks. You may also have certain tests and immunizations, depending upon your age. You should schedule an annual well-woman exam with our office if you are sexually active or age 18 or older. More frequent exams may be warranted based upon your individual health risk factors. Of course, if you develop a health problem or notice changes in your body—such as genital itching or an unusual vaginal discharge—you should contact the office as soon as possible.

Menopausal Solutions

The onset of menopause can span across many years of a woman's life. Symptoms of menopause can sometimes begin in your 30's, but more commonly start in your 40's or even 50's and include a change in the pattern of periods, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, and mood swings.

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